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:: Training and Consulting ::

  CAAL Training

We offer training in service management and marketing customized based on the client's requirement. The place of the training itself will be customized based on the clients' requirement.

  CAAL Consulting

We help universities in opening new program (undergraduate or post graduate): To conduct a market research, preparing proposal, curriculum and syllabi based on international standard and market needs.

  CAAL Certification Program

In collaboration with Prince of Songkla University, CAAL provides certified programs in service management and marketing in 1-2 weeks.
Source selected topics :
 a.  Traditional Medicine
 b.  Holistic Health Management
 c.  Yoga and Spa Management
 d.  Convention and Event Management
 e.  Special Event and Festival Management
 f.   Performance Management
 g.  Risk and Crisis Management in Hospitality and Tourism

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