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Message from Conference Chair

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to this conference. I hope that to day will be stimulating and rewarding.
The keynote speakers: Dr. Tulus Tambunan The Head of The Center for Industry, SME and Business Competition Studies – Trisakti University Jakarta Indonesia and Ms. Kannika Buacheen (Umbrella Making Center – 1978, Co., Ltd, Borsang Village, Chiang Mai Thailand).
Our Hosts: Master of Management, Trisakti University; MBA Program Prince of Songkla University; Master of Design Trisakti University; Faculty of Economics Budi Luhur University.
Our sponsors: We Tour-Thailand, PT. Sinar Mas-Indonesia, 3F Photoworks- Indonesia, Umbrella Making Center (1978), Co. Ltd Chiang Mai-Thailand, Empress Hotel Chiang Mai-Thailand and d’fafifa Guest House Bandung- Indonesia.
Distinguished Guests and all delegates/participants
We are delighted to welcome you all to the 2nd IBSM- International Conference on Business, Management and Accounting in this lovely city, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Participants in this conference are from several countries: Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Slovenia, Taiwan, Thailand, Iran and Nigeria.
This conference will address the current issues, mainly related to SMEs within Asian countries. It integrates conceptual and empirical research findings. We hope this conference will be an important forum for academicians and professionals with multi-disciplinary interests and interact with colleagues within and outside their own particular disciplines.
We would like to thank all the delegates/participants for being here to share knowledge and experiences. A special thanks to our hosts, sponsors and CAAL team for all their support to the conference.
We are also very grateful for the contribution of colleagues, presenters, session chairs, authors, reviewers, attendants and other staffs and institutions who have contributed to this conference. We acknowledge the significant contribution of our keynote speakers: Dr.Tulus Tambunan and Ms.Kannika Buacheen.
We wish you all an enjoyable conference with a high enthusiasm, fruitful discussions and having a lot of fun in this cultural city.
Thank you
Conference Chair
Prof. Dr. Asep Hermawan

Prof. Dr. Asep Hermawan, M.Sc
Chiang Mai, 2 October 2013



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